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Ashley Willis  started Ash What’s Poppin? in 2020 during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic shut down. She was not always a gourmet popcorn maker. She was actually a hairstylist for over 15+ years and lost her job as a stylist due to the COVID pandemic. By doing hair, making women feel beautiful, and showing her creative side, it allowed her to express her self in many ways through the hair industry. However, losing her job forced her to finally bet on her self and start her own business. Ash What’s Poppin? Is your #1 gourmet popcorn maker in DC. Blacked owned and soon to be Poppin near you. Handcrafted and hand tossed to perfection made with love. When it comes to making this popcorn Ashley  serenades love for each flavor to the sounds of  Luther Vandross, Monica, Anita Baker, and Rick James to name a few. Each flavor has a story to tell with each flavor.  Some may be sweet that brings you balance, some may be savory that make you want to pop bottles and watch a movie in style. Serving the DMV area as well as shipping nationwide. Dangerously good popcorn  for all taste buds. Follow us on IG to see where we Popup Next!!!


I want all my beautiful, amazing, BOSS Black Women to know that what ever it is that you believe in for your self never give up and never loose sight of it. when you put in the work, dedication, and love with all that passion in  your craft our super powers come through and we are unstoppable. Manifesting your dreams and aspirations are your tools to getting everything you want in life. Stand out, be bold, be proud, be transparent, show the world who you are,  and  believe in you self always, all the doors will open. 

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